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Spazzstick.. Made In Alaska!

If you have a retail store that sells stuff, then you need to be selling Spazzstick™!

Think about it. Why would you sell goods to consumers, and miss out on offering the World's ONLY Caffeinated Lip Balm? Our point exactly! You are doing a great disservice to your loyal customer base.. Oh, and don't forget the extra income generated by our own loyal
Spazzstick™ customer base (we love you guys, too!!).

So with that in mind, we offer you the opportunity to purchase and stock
Spazzstick™, which makes for a great point-of-sale item. Or anywhere, really.

Want to know more? Sure you do. Just click below for more.

That's pretty much it! More questions? Fine. The best way to contact us?

Write us
at: SpazzStick 7406 Groveland Station Road Groveland, NY 14462
Call us at: 585-243-5260
Email us at: Tim@spazzstick.com


Direct to Tim@spazzstick.com

Now go ahead and

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