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Spazzstick is offered in our Spazz Store.
You can also get it from the two coolest places to buy online in all of the internet- ThinkGeek.com and Chemical Evolution.com. If nothing else, click and visit them since they handle our stuff. Our trolls thank you in advance.
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Spazzstick.. Made In Alaska!

As you may know by now (if you have perused the website as we requested earlier), Spazzstick™ is made in a beautiful little Eskimo Village called Kaktovik, AK, by the inventor of Spazzstick
and his hoards of worker trolls in a vast underground volcano lair.

As such, we are a little hard to get to.

In lieu of factory tours, the best way to contact us?

Write us at: Spazzstick PO Box 1113 Anchor Point, AK 99556

Fax us at: 866-816-7799

or Email us at: richie [at] spazzstick.com

We like to hear from you. No, seriously!

Direct to
(SUBJECT LINE: WHOLESALE) or fax to the number above.

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