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Unsolicited, real life testimonials:

Alexis of Vancouver, WA used Spazzstick, and the next day he didn't contract any deadly diseases, nor did he get sued by a Third world country or step on any animals with little pokey spines on them.  He also didn't get attacked by any robots all day long- FACT!

"I used Spazzstick, and that very night, I met the man of my dreams, got married, had 2.5 kids, and accomplished all the goals I had for my career! Thank you, Spazzstick! You've turned my life around."                              
...........................      - Nicole of New Jersey

"I'm so proud of Richie; I always knew he'd do something wonderful.  Like make more grandkids.  Are there more grandkids on the way,Richie"        - The inventor's mother

"Lip balm?  For this I paid for 4 years of college?  He's making lip balm??      ................. - The inventor's father

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