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What is Spazzstick™?

Spazzstick was developed by an Alaskan Police Officer, who needs both quality lip balm for the cold and the ability to stay awake during long shifts.

Spazzstick was originally made in a vast underground volcano lair by the busy hands of industrious worker trolls in a beautiful little Eskimo Village called Kaktovik, AK, by the inventor of Spazzstick and his hordes of worker trolls in a vast underground volcano lair.

Why trolls? Trolls are hard workers, require very few benefits, and are never late to work, mainly because they never go home.
TThe direct result is that our minions work hard and pass the savings on to you.

We have found that trolls are sanitary, dependable, hard-working people who have thus far been able to produce nothing but the highest quality, caffeinated lip balms that the world has ever seen.

Since the inception, our goal has been to help to provide you with prevention and healing chapped, sunburned, windburned, and generally unhappy lips. Our customers come from all walks of life, including underground volcano lairs. (Well, actually they are the families of our worker trolls who recieve Spazzstick as a form of compensation, but still..).


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