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04-05-06 Okay, so its been a while since we added news updates. Thanks for stopping in to remind us. Anyways, since our last update, here's some things we have done.

  • You can now purchase Spazzstick online from the site, or from our business partners: Thinkgeek.com, ChemicalEvolution.com, and at Stupididiotic.com

  • We have added button links for you if you think Spazzstick it a really cool think you need in your life (well, you do!) and wish to help the trolls earn a bonus. For every button you post on your website/blog/forum we will give our worker trolls have Hawaiian Shirt Day on Fridays. If 52 people do this, the trolls will be able to toil away on Fridays with a reminder of the tropics. Do it for the trolls! Put Spazzstick button link thingys on your site!

  • Oh, and Spazzstick is officially patent pending (it has been for some time now), so we added the *patent pending moniker to the logo. This means that Spazzstick really is exclusive stuff. Those of you who already use it have known just how special it is for some time though.

    Due to popular demand, you can now buy Spazzstick merchandise!!  That's right, you can be the coolest person in your entire state simply by buying groovy Spazzwear!!!

03-08-05 Our new label design was just completed by the good folks at DiscoToast.  They rock.

03-07-05 We were selected as the Cool site of the day for March 12, 2005.  Everyone should go there (on that day) and vote for us as the coolest site.  Do it!

03-01-05 We will be featured in the May issue of Alaska Magazine.  Apparently the magazine has a lot of people working there who need caffeine.  We do what we can.

02-20-05We were featured on BoingBoing today!! This proves the good people at BoingBoing rock.

02-08-05 - We're now Made in Alaska certified!!!!  We can now use the groovy Polar Bear logo!


01-29-05 - Spazzstick is featured on The Steese Highway!!!  They did an article on our recent blizzard, and made a very groovy link to Spazzstick!  The trolls voted, and unanimously decided that The Steese Highway rocks!!!

            By the way, the blizzard article is here: http://www.steesehighway.com/kaktovikblizzard.html

01-23-05 - Spazzstick Wholesale is now up and running.  Now you can buy Spazzstick in bulk for really cheap prices.  

            Buy a bunch at a significant discount and sell them on EBay.  Build a little house out of them.  Burn piles of them to protest stuff.  Throw them from Thanksgiving Day floats at greedy little kids. 

            We don't care.  Just buy lots.

01-21-05 - Spazzstick Mint is now available!!!  The same mighty caffeine formula with a yummy mint flavor!! 

            And it's green.  A very nice shade of green.  Everybody likes green

01-16-05 - Spazzstick made the Spokesman Review!!!  They did an article on Richie and mentioned Spazzstick. 

Where can we buy Spazzstick?

        - Simply by clicking here!!!!


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