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How do I buy this wonderful thing!!!??!!???

Each tube of Spazzstick is only $2.99!!
holesal Online VendorsThinkGeek.comChemical Evolution.comStupidiotic.comhackerstickers.coms It cant be any easier to making your unhappy lips like you again. All you need to do is place your order online,- either to your left, or by visiting one of the sites above.

They ship it to you and your lips will love you for it.

Really, its THAT simple. No seriously. Thats all there is to it.

Remember, the more tubes you buy the happier you will likely be.  Probably forever.

Click on your flavor of choice to get you started and you are on your way to becoming successful and popular beyond your wildest dreams!*

*Well, buying Spazzstick wont necessarily do that for you, but your lips will thank you for it. The rest of that is up to you.


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